Anonymous Statement On Wikileaks

Anonymous cutting ties with Wikileaks and julian assange? Read the statement for information as to why. My personal favorite line in the statement is the reminder of the groups leaderless status:

"Anonymous is a very complex and versatile entity and there will never be any leader that will speak for them all."
3 10.15.12

Anonymous names Amanda Todd's Tormentor

Anonymous: vigilantes for the greater good or endangering individuals by ignoring the fact that our nation already has a justice system in place? Not to mention an ongoing legal investigation into this specific case. 

Textbook Publisher Pearson Takes Down 1.5 Million Teacher And Student Blogs With A Single DMCA Notice

Textbook publisher Pearson set off an unfortunate chain of events with a takedown notice issued aimed at a copy of Beck’s Hoplessness Scale posted by a teacher on one of Edublogs’ websites (You may recall Pearson from such other related copyright nonsense as The $180 Art Book With No Pictures and No Free Textbooks Ever!). The end result? Nearly 1.5 million teacher and student blogs taken offline by Edublogs’ host, ServerBeach. James Farmer at fills in the details.”

Fed up with your wireless contract? CRTC wants to hear from you for new code

"The CRTC says it’s asking for help because consumers have said their monthly contracts are confusing and the terms and conditions can vary greatly from one wireless company to another." 

Digital Billboards Might Be Coming Soon to Ottawa

Are these potential driving distractions necessary in Ottawa, are they actually useful marketing tools, and do the citizens of Ottawa agree that digital billboards should be allowed? These, and many more questions, are worth considering before any such digital marketing tools are legally allowed along Ottawa roadsides. 

Apple Unveils iPhone 5, Finally

While the phone seems to have a number of intriguing new features, are they enough to convince iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S users to switch over? For now, I’m sticking with the iPhone 4 - at least until my current plan is up. Until then, I’ve got all the hardware, software and Internet speed I need. 

Facebook shares hit new low of $17.58 as bleeding continues

Cnet reports that “the company’s shares have fallen to their lowest point since the stock went public earlier this year for $38 per share.” Could this be a sign that social media profit prospects were overblown? Are we on the edge of another Internet economic bubble bust? Definitely something to consider prior to buying any future Facebook shares.

The downside of new technology - Excellent article by Carleton University Chancellor’s Professor Fen Osler Hampson

Excerpt: “The upside of this new technology is, of course, unrivalled prospects for social interaction and commerce. The widespread availability of cellphones, along with access to primary education and the construction of roads, is a proven driver of economic development. It can also help topple dictators by revealing their dastardly crimes. The downside is a new social and political anarchy that is fast coming upon us.”

Facebook Has 44% Fake Followers; Twitter Has 33%

"Some 44% of people who follow the @Facebook account onTwitter are — well, actually, they aren’t, according to an entertaining new app that checks out how many fakers you have in your following.”

US war on whistleblowers must end - Assange (VIDEO)